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Hi, I'm Kimberly 🐻, before I took this picture my weight was 160, standing at a tall 5'0. Not so good, I was pre-diabetic 😥 and had thyroid issues🥴 .

I went on a quest to change my health. I refused to take prescription pills for the rest of my life at 35 and that's just what my doctor told me I was probably in for. After doing my research, my journey began. I started with the Lemonade Master Cleanse🍋, shoutout to BeYonce', it worked great, yet I hit a plateau at 145 lbs. I was better, but I still needed to get better 🧐 results on my blood-work🩸 to show pre-diabetic status as normal. I also needed to get off the thyroid pills.💊, yet at 145 lbs it was still not enough to I know I had to loose more weight. Being 5'0, my stated weight should be 123 lbs., so I set my goal to 130 lbs. 

Me at 145 lbs

Long story short, I went in search of an additional solution, I started asking everyone I know what they were using or had heard of and no one had anything helpful until, one day I went to baseball practice and a friend of mine ended up sharing her weigh loss journey with me.

I was excited to to find out what she did because she looked great! I was all in her business like, "how did you lose so much weight?"

...waiting for her answer I was praying she didn't say "I hit the gym 7 days a week for 4 hours a day!", thank goodness she didn't. She told me, it was due to this tea she had been drinking. She went on to share her story, but before we left the baseball field she ended up giving me a sample of this tea.

I trusted her because she had already tested the product for an extended period of time and a few of the people sitting around us asked her for a card. I saw her great results and as far as I could tell she was as healthy as I had ever seen her to be.

After she shared a few tea bags with me and told me some of her personal strategies she'd used to get the best benefits of the tea. She told me a few things I may experience and to maybe notice as I was getting use to the tea. She said she would sip the tea and drink about 16 oz. of water with it once daily. She also said, "FYI, you will go poopy in about 6 hours after drinking the tea, so be mindful of that if you are at work or at an event." Otherwise she told me to follow the directions on the tea bag and to call her if I needed anything else, had any questions or wanted more tea.  

Finally, when we were about to leave she she said, also tell me if you see any results, just text me and let me know how your doing with it. 

After I started drinking this deliciously fruity flavored tea my weight struggle was soon over. Those weight struggles ended. Good-bye plateau. The scale started moving again and and it kept going until I hit my target weight of 130, after less than 3 months!! 

I used three things, Lemon Master Cleanse to kick start my journy, then Herbal Slimming Tea supported by a low carb lifestyle. I was at my goal weight and I planned on staying there. Just know I wasn’t a food saint, I was eating what I wanted, yet being mindful not to overdo it with the carbs and junk food. The weight stayed off for 5 years. Now, That's results....you see that picture? It ain't lying!

I was feeling GOOD! I was so glad to be healthy and happy after all the hard work . My doctor even said, “whatever you are doing to keep doing it.” I got off my thyroid medication and was no longer determined to be pre-diabetic by my doctor. 

Me at my goal weight of 130 lbs

Due to some issues with fibroids and surgery in November 2019, I noticed my weight creeping back up and I went on a hunt for this tea. Since everyone's on lockdown with COVID, I went on an online search and guess what? I found it!!! I got that herbal detoxing tea.

I am so happy to say that after 7 days on the Lemonade Master Cleanse waiting for my tea shipment to arrive, I am down 5 lbs. 

I started drinking the tea this past Monday (July 20, 2020), and I'm down another 4 lbs today, July 24, 2020). I stopped drinking the Lemonade on Monday, after I got my shipment of Herbal Detox Slimming Tea. I am Loving it!!

To me it's like a classic and it works!!

Now that I have this tea and know how wonderful it is to help maintain health and weight, I want to share this amazing tea with you.

Give it a try, see if it's the key to changing your body and health like it changed mine. It's $29.00, but for you I have it on sale for $20.00. No not $55.00 or $68.00. I really want it to be affordable for everyone, $20.00 is not going to last forever, but I can afford to sale it at that price right now. If you would like a sample of the tea email me from here on my website or at suttonsofcypress@yahoo.com and let me know what you would like along with your shipping information. 

I wish everyone health and safety, amid this Pandemic. You can find the tea on my website here!

This is my website, I built it...just for you! It took me three whole days watching this Youtube video, no it's not mine. I just linked it to help someone else, if they need it. I also read a lot of online resources. My site is not great yet, but it's good enough to get you some tea!

Thank you to all my new customers who made a purchase, don't forget to do customer reviews, ok. Leave a review, follow my blog and share your results with me and others. Let's all support each other!!

Having good health is essential to a good life.  Kimberly ❤❤❤

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